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“Competent lawyers who understand car accidents in Middle Georgia counties like no other”

Cliff Carlson Law, PC is a carefully vetted firm that represents car wreck victims across Georgia with confidence, empathy, and professionalism. Boasting a network of attorneys who possess expertise in both out of court settlements as well as trials, we stand for justice and fair compensation in cases involving:

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord displacement and fragmentation
  • Lower backs strains and sprains
  • Facial lacerations and bruises caused by windbags and steering wheels
  • Psychological scars like anxiety, tension, deterioration of quality of life and acute mental distress


In legal lingo, this carelessness is referred to as ‘negligence’. Georgia law requires that, while driving vehicles, people must respect traffic rules and maintain a reasonable alertness to ensure personal safety and to prevent loss of property or physical harm to others.
When an individual fails to comply, he or she may be guilty of being negligent and accidents or mishaps occurring under such conditions require the party at fault (the defendant) to compensate the victim or the claimant in proportion to the injuries involved.
Do you feel you have been robbed of a healthy life and have had to pay for expensive medical care because of the mistakes of another? Do you lack proper insurance coverage? Is the defendant well insured yet reluctant to settle outside of court? No matter what the problem, we at Cliff Carlson Law, PC have the track record needed to resolve the issue.

We understand your pain!


Taking a case to trial is a time consuming process. This is why the vast majority of car accidents in Georgia result in out of court settlements. We at Cliff Carlson Law, PC ensure that:

  • The compensation offer you receive is reasonable. We do not forego a trial just to make it easier for us. If we believe you stand a better chance in court, we will arm you with accurate information that will allow you to make the right decision.
  • The demand letter that we draft is complete and chronological. We assist you in gathering all the evidence, contacting eye witnesses and reconstructing events. We also organize your medical bills and loss of pay papers for you so that the guilty party or defendant has a clear picture of the damages they are responsible for.
  • The claim that you make is adequate and covers the scope of your injuries. Many victims settle without being aware of the true extent of the damage to person or property. We stand by you and encourage you to dig deeper to come to terms with your injuries and damages.
  • Your insurance company doesn’t pressurize you into signing a release form against a compensation amount that is not fair. Many insurance companies may not have your best interest at heart. If hired we stay on the look-out for possible injustice and advice you as to the best course of action to take if requested to sign release letters.
We understand your pain!


Court trials have a bad reputation. They may be exacting and tedious but they do result in favorable, unequivocal verdicts if the case is presented right. Cliff Carlson Law, PC advocates are experienced and talented individuals who know how to work with the judge and the jury to secure a win. We:

  • Evaluate the case evidence to analyze faults. Even if you are at partial fault, you can still claim compensation.
  • Draw on a large repository of precedents and law to ensure that our expectations are based on real life examples of successfully contested cases to the maximum extent possible.
  • File the lawsuit at the appropriate court and handle all the resulting paperwork.
  • Dispense shrewd legal advice during all phases of your case.
  • Provide funding for the case and we are only paid when you win.
  • Work with opposing counsel so that a fair compensation can be negotiated anytime during the trial before the verdict is issued.
We understand your pain!

You may also call us Toll Free at 1-866-262-2834.

How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

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How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

Personal Injury cases are extremely sensitive and need to be handled with empathy and understanding. The claimant likely suffers from physical injuries and mental scars and also has to grapple with the duty documenting damages to his self and his person

Under such circumstances, a PI attorney should ease suffering, inspire confidence and take over the responsibility of the paperwork.

Are you looking for a Personal Injury lawyer in Middle Georgia who fits the bill? This actionable PDF gives you the top things to consider before hiring one. Download right away!

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