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“Personal Injury attorneys who know how to value slip and fall cases after taking into consideration the myriad of subjective and concrete factors influencing the outcome”

Cliff Carlson Law, PC is a carefully vetted firm that understands the art of handling sensitive premise liability instances to ensure justice to claimants and resolve uncertainty around negligence. We work with empathy, confidence and professionalism to build a solid case that is based on conclusive evidence around:

  • Slips and trips on slippery surfaces
  • Accidents due to defective stairs
  • Mishaps because of wet or rotten patches on the ground
  • Falling debris from ill-maintained buildings
  • And a lot more


This question doesn’t have a straightforward answer. With experience that is based on slip and fall cases in Middle Georgia, we are sensitive to the implications of declaring a party liable.
A premise liability case can be filed if a victim is injured on the property of another individual due to poor integrity of the structures involved (ill-maintained crumbling walls, rotten wood of staircases and so on) or lack of reasonable caution exercised by the landlord in allowing continued presence of risky elements like spilled water, gaping holes and treacherous surfaces.
The definition of the term ‘reasonable’ is ambiguous and turns slip and fall cases into long drawn out legal battles. Falling is a part of life and people need to be alert when navigating their way across unfamiliar property. A claim might make sense if:

  • It can be easily proven that the landlord or the occupier has continually neglected maintenance warnings leading to the accident.
  • The risky element precipitating the mishap has been present for an extended period of time and the landlord or occupier should have been aware of its presence and initiated appropriate action.

This isn’t a simple task and requires significant investigation of the circumstances around the case. No matter how trivial a slip and fall injury may seem, it can fester and have long term medical and physiological impact.

We understand your pain!


If retained to act on your behalf, we:

  • Try to negotiate a fair settlement with the defendant. We ensure that the compensation covers ongoing treatment, therapy and even future medical costs, based on present projections.
  • Use our track record to convey to the defendant that we may favor an out of court settlement but are not averse to the idea of appearing in front of a jury to seek justice.
  • Evaluate the probability of securing a win in a trial and advise you as to the best course of action to take.
  • Help the jury calculate concrete damages like loss of pay and subjective damages like mental trauma and loss of peace of mind by providing them with the necessary details in a clean and organized manner.
  • Present the true nature of the negligence of the defendant to the court and the jury.
We understand your pain!

You may also call us Toll Free at 1-866-262-2834.

How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

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How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

Personal Injury cases are extremely sensitive and need to be handled with empathy and understanding. The claimant likely suffers from physical injuries and mental scars and also has to grapple with the duty documenting damages to his self and his person

Under such circumstances, a PI attorney should ease suffering, inspire confidence and take over the responsibility of the paperwork.

Are you looking for a Personal Injury lawyer in Middle Georgia who fits the bill? This actionable PDF gives you the top things to consider before hiring one. Download right away!

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