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Work Accidents & Claims

“The experience to defend worker rights, the compassion to understand their plight”

Cliff Carlson Law, PC is a carefully vetted firm that understands the legal system and work with injured employees to help them receive fair compensation.

The battle for adequate financial compensation is one that is waged against the insurance company of the employer. Through it all, we keep in mind the best interest of the victim and his/her family who may be dependent upon an income stream that will not serve them because of the inability of the claimant to return to work. Mounting medical bills only aggravate the problem. We at Cliff Carlson Law, PC strive to get compensation for both physical injuries and mental distress.


Worker’s compensation is a form of ‘no fault’ insurance for employees. It provides coverage for medical bills and possibly wage-replacement if the accident or mishap results in loss of working days. As per the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, you are eligible for compensation irrespective of the identity of the person responsible for the mishap.

Whether or not this insurance is enough is a different question altogether.

Often insurance companies try to shirk their responsibilities and cut corners to offer the minimum possible benefit. Under such circumstances, instead of accepting what is unjust, workers may hire a specialized Personal Injury lawyer to handle the case and seek settlement of a larger claim, more in line with the injuries and trauma suffered.
You may be entitled to compensation if:

  • You injure your muscles and ligaments while performing strenuous tasks like pushing and pulling large workloads.
  • You are struck by a falling object – a piece of equipment or even debris at construction sites.
  • You suffer dismemberment or disfigurement because of machine slips
  • You are exposed to harsh chemicals or toxic waste
  • You have developed a life threatening disease because of the presence of harmful trace elements at work. (lead poisoning is a common example)
We understand your pain!


We at Cliff Carlson Law, PC specialize in Personal Injury for victims and claimants hailing from Middle Georgia. If hired we:

  • Evaluate a case to understand the extent of liability of the employer or the insurance company. If we feel that the claim amount you are pushing for is unrealistic, we will let you know immediately instead of wasting your time.
  • Leverage our experience to come up with practical, effective strategies and get the better of unfair insurance company policies. We understands workers’ compensation laws and are a fierce advocate of justice for injured employees.
  • Give priority to your case with a dedicated attorney to handle the paperwork and legal hassles.
We understand your pain!

You may also call us Toll Free at 1-866-262-2834.

How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

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How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

Personal Injury cases are extremely sensitive and need to be handled with empathy and understanding. The claimant likely suffers from physical injuries and mental scars and also has to grapple with the duty documenting damages to his self and his person

Under such circumstances, a PI attorney should ease suffering, inspire confidence and take over the responsibility of the paperwork.

Are you looking for a Personal Injury lawyer in Middle Georgia who fits the bill? This actionable PDF gives you the top things to consider before hiring one. Download right away!

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