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“Empathetic lawyers who support the bereaved in wrongful death cases across Middle Georgia”

Cliff Carlson Law, PC is a carefully vetted firm that stands for confidence, empathy and professionalism in bringing wrongful death defendants to justice.


Wrongful death is defined as loss of life due to the negligence or misconduct of another. It is characterized by the fact that the loss of life was preventable.
A wrongful death claim is brought against the defendant by members of the deceased’s estate who have had to face monetary losses due to the death. These losses may encompass:

  • Medical bills before the victim’s death
  • Loss of the family bread-winner and pension benefits
  • Mental distress and emotional trauma of the bereaved

If you have recently lost a loved one to circumstances that may be perceived as wrongful, you can retain legal representation to ensure justice. Cliff Carlson Law, PC has the dedication to support you and your family through difficult times and unravel the intricacies of the laws and procedures governing your claim.


Instances of wrongful death are not viewed with laxity in the state of Georgia. The law requires thorough scrutiny of the estate and the income potential of the deceased to estimate the size of the award to be extended to the bereaved.

You may be eligible to recover both pecuniary and punitive damages based on certain qualifying factors. Cliff Carlson Law, PC helps you:

Put your estate in order and present all relevant papers pertaining to the deceased’s income potential, actual income, spending habits and involvement with the family. We can also appeal to the court and the jury to take into consideration if the presence of the victim of wrongful death was instrumental in shaping the future of the dependents. This is particularly true in case of a deceased father or mother with children who are in formative years.

Anticipate any adjustments which might be made to the size of the award by the jury. Knowing what to expect is an important part of being prepared.

Prove malicious intent, wantonness, and oppression on part of the defendant if the same are present so that permissible punitive damages may also be claimed.

We understand your pain!

Financial compensation can’t eliminate emotional distress. However we can help:

  • Judge the viability of a wrongful death claim with compassion
  • Prove malicious intent
  • Link the actions of the defendant to the cause of death with conclusive evidence

So that the deceased can be accorded due respect!

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How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

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How to Choose a PI Lawyer Who Cares About You?

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Under such circumstances, a PI attorney should ease suffering, inspire confidence and take over the responsibility of the paperwork.

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